My introduction to botanical art originated through botanical water colour classes at the Toronto Botanical Gardens in Toronto. Those early lessons encouraged me to explore the specialized and unique art form of drawing and painting plants. I was able to develop my observational skills as well as the necessary discipline for painting with accuracy, interpreted into my original compositions. I learned that each flower, berry, leaf and stem holds an interesting challenge from colour accuracy, texture, light and shadow, and composition — all reflected in the culmination of a successfully finished piece.

I have developed a passion for botanical art. With my selected mediums of water colour, coloured pencil and graphite pencil, I depict the diversity and natural beauty of Ontario’s native flora. Through research, painting and drawing, I have learned and appreciate the details of individual plant species. Nature provides an endless array of unique and beautiful subjects for me to identify and accurately transform on to paper.

Over the years I have attended more classes, workshops and conferences, sharing information with and learning from fellow artists. A strong link with vibrant creative art communities has expanded my understanding of and fascination with drawing and painting what nature so generously provides around me.

I have recently relocated to Southern Ontario with its biological richness and diverse natural plant life, including rare species within a Carolinian region stretching from Toronto to Lake Huron and Lake Erie.

As a member of the Ingersoll Creative Art Centre and the Botanical Artists of Canada I participate in their juried botanical exhibitions. I was honoured to receive the Jurors’ Choice Award for Proficiency in Pencil at the Botanical Artists of Canada 2012 exhibition, as well as two Honourable Mentions at the 2014 exhibition and two Honourable Mentions at the 2017 exhibition.

I can be contacted at: maevehughes@hotmail.com